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Onboarding at ASTRUM IT

How does the integration of new colleagues work?

The first days of work are always exciting and thrilling. New colleagues, a new team, new tasks. That's why it's all the more important to pick up the new employees right from the start and make their start easier. Jasmin Schellenberger is responsible for recruiting at ASTRUM IT and reports in this interview on how onboarding works and what the new colleagues can expect in the first few weeks.


How does onboarding work at ASTRUM IT, what can the new colleagues expect on their first day?

Jasmin: Onboarding already starts with the signing of the contract. The team leader or a colleague welcomes the new employee by phone after the signing. In addition, the start-up information is passed on directly during the telephone call. The new team member also receives a welcome email a few weeks before the start. On the first day, the new employee is picked up at the reception desk as discussed. He/she receives a welcome bag with many practical things such as a notebook, pens, sweets, water bottle, etc., gets to know the entire team as well as his/her "godfather" and receives a tour of the house (if this has not already taken place during the second interview). She/he then receives the necessary technology for "working in the home office" and is given time to set up at her/his workstation in the office. As soon as the new employee has set up his/her mailbox, there is a welcome email from HR with all the important contacts and information. At lunchtime, the team goes out to eat together. Either to our changing food trucks or to the Italian restaurant or bakery around the corner.

How does the training in the home office work?

Jasmin: The training in the home office works really well. By exchanging information about teams, you can always get in touch with your mentor or the team. It is very important for us to communicate via camera. This gives you the feeling that you are interacting more intensively with each other despite being in a home office team. Of course, there is always the possibility to come to the office and work together there.

What does the rest of the process look like after the first few days?

Jasmin: In the first week of work, the induction plan is discussed with the mentor and some training sessions are scheduled to get to know ASTRUM IT even better. In the following weeks, there will also be a (virtual) Welcome Day to get even more information about ASTRUM IT, to get to know the colleagues better and to network with the other new starters.

How is the new onboarding process received?

Jasmin: So far, there has only been positive feedback. We are continuously optimizing our processes and regularly gather feedback (for example, on Welcome Day) in order to make the onboarding of our new employees as good as possible. After all, onboarding, and in particular the first day of a new employee, is one of the most important.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Jasmin: One working day as a recruiter is never like another. I experience something new every day and I get to meet lots of new people. That makes my job a dream job for me. It is something very special when a candidate gets her/his desired job. On the other hand, it is just as important for the company that the right person is in the right position. It makes me happy when I notice that the new employee fits in with the corporate culture, feels comfortable in the company and grows with his or her tasks over time. I find it incredibly exciting to experience and accompany the development of our employees from the very beginning.

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Jasmin Schellenberger, Recruiter at ASTRUM IT

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