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Actively shaping the future

We do not have to. But we want to. We have already contributed with our skills to numerous research projects for the healthcare and medical engineering sectors. And in doing so, we have newly developed cutting-edge technologies for networking and the exchange of medical data together with our partners and supporters.

Overview of Our Research Projects

Focal points

Data Privacy

Protection of sensitive personal data in a medical environment is a core issue that is reflected in all our projects. With the support of specialist advisers, we develop sophisticated processes to prevent unauthorized access to the data subject to protection. That is how our software is created true to the motto “Privacy by Design”, i.e., the fundamental data privacy law-related requirements are already incorporated in the software architecture.

Multi-Professional Networking

As we work with very different issues, we highly value the advantage of close networking with all cooperation partners. The exchange of know-how among all players from the medical, industrial, and scientific fields is a matter of course for us. That way, we resolutely bring the technologies and methods jointly developed in the project to maturity. Being a supplier for the manufacturers of medical devices, we have been certified according to the quality management standard EN ISO 13485.



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