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Taking Action for our Region

A heartfelt desire for local solidarity

Many companies today call it "corporate social responsibility". For us, it's about solidarity and heartfelt projects in the region. Commitment comes not only from the management, but above all from the people who work for us. We have been supporting regional social organisations for many years and are proud that we can lend a hand.

Sustainability is also important to us, which is why we take responsibility for our future as a climate-active company.

As a sponsor of the Bundesliga handball team HC Erlangen, we want to help promote sport in the region, and as a member of the Diversity Charter, we promote diversity in everyday working life.


Adult daycare center at Martin-Luther-Platz

Thanks to daycare, caregiving relatives can get some free time, have some rest, gather new strength, keep their jobs, and plan the day for themselves. It reduces the burden on them, and at the same time they may rest assured that their loved ones are in safe hands and in a familiar environment.


Ronald McDonald House Erlangen

If a child with a severe medical condition receives treatment far away from home in the university hospital of Erlangen, the doors of Ronald McDonald House Erlangen will be open. Since 1995, 16 apartments have been offering families with little patients the comforts of a temporary home.


Alexander Beck Children’s Fund Foundation

Back in 1998, the Alexander Beck Children’s Fund Foundation started supporting numerous projects aimed at vulnerable and socially disadvantaged children and youth from the region.


Charity dragon boat race

We are regular participants in the charity dragon boat race of the three Erlangen Rotary Clubs along the channel. The proceeds from the event go to selected social projects in the region.


We think sustainably

With the Planted platform, we master all sustainability management tasks efficiently and in one place. This allows us to realise our individual sustainability goals holistically.


Sponsor and IT supporter of HC Erlangen

We have been supporting national league-level handball in Erlangen for some years now. As fans, as sponsors, and as the operator of the entire IT.

We are also...

Charta der Vielfalt Unterzeichnet


We promote diversity in everyday working life and have therefore signed the Diversity Charter. The employers' initiative aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the world of work in Germany.