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Valuable Hands-on Experience

Kick-start your career in IT

Start the way that suits you best: as a junior developer after your graduation, as a student trainee during your higher education, through an internship as well as bachelor and master theses, or with an apprenticeship in IT science. We will try to make it easy for you, support you on your way, work in close cooperation, and reserve time for detailed exchange. And we will embark straight on a journey to the new technologies and demanding software, for example, concerning the future of security and medical engineering.

Career start in an optimum environment


We develop innovative software products for medical engineering and work in close cooperation with universities and hospitals.


You will have flexible working hours matching your timetable.


Our company is situated  in Medical Valley Erlangen/Tennenlohe and is easy to reach.


You can directly take part in our projects. 

Trend-setting projects at ASTRUM IT

Our scientific research projects in the realm of life sciences performed in close cooperation with universities, medical institutions, and practice partners offer a particularly exciting environment for students. Some project examples from our portfolio:



Biomechatronics Software

The research project ERIK deals with the development of a robot capable of interacting with autistic children in order to support the development of socio-emotional skills during therapy. The robot Pepper comprehends both the child’s facial expressions and speech. He interprets these signals and deduces emotions in real time. Due to this, therapy scenarios can be individually adjusted. Pepper can realistically interact with children using gestures and eye movements.

ASTRUM IT is in charge of the integration and processing of the data used for quantitative and qualitative therapy assessment. The findings are visualized on a dashboard. Besides, ASTRUM IT implements an interface by means of which the interaction strategies applied during the therapy are evaluated. 


Pattern Recognition

Implementation of Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Signal Analysis
  • In different projects by ASTRUM IT, different sensor signals and camera images are merged and examined for the purpose of motion analysis. In doing so, the motion is supposed to be reconstructed or motion patterns classified. The application case strongly depends on the respective project and ranges from medical to sports-related topics.
  • Learning content: machine learning, pattern recognition, signal analysis, image processing
  • • Technologies applied: C# (Microsoft .NET), WPF, Matlab, Java, C++, Git

We offer you individual support on the basis of your expectations

Structured Familiarization

… in a concrete project as a member of the expert team. Along with project-related training, there are also training sessions in the areas of conversation, presentation techniques, and customer communication.  

Workshops for Agile Working

… to make sure you are good at Scrum, Kanban, and Co. for your future.  


… means: learning at your workplace with the help of your personal mentor.

Room and Time

… for initiative, creative ideas, personal exchange, and getting to know your colleagues.


Markus Friedrich

Following my studies in electrical engineering, I joined the department of software engineering at ASTRUM IT. I was individually supported with professional training units from day one. This versatile training concept – the ‘ASTRUM Software Expert’ – remains one of the keystones of employee development up till now.

I entered the field of software development directly in a large medical engineering project in the area of imaging methods. My path included different stations: from software developer through project leader to team leader. I’ve been team leader for over seven years now, and I bear responsibility for my own team of developers.

Working in medical engineering is utterly rewarding and meaningful to me. Participation in external customer projects allows you to think outside the box and discover various fields – from conventional software development to the latest trends such as cloud, AI, and data science. ASTRUM IT offers me an opportunity to take part in a complex large-scale software project in a corporate environment on the one hand, and flat hierarchies coupled with an informal working atmosphere typical of medium-sized companies on the other.


Markus Friedrich
Graduate Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur (Univ.)), Team Leader & Senior Software Developer with ASTRUM IT since 1998

Do you have any questions about starting at ASTRUM? Here are some answers.

What will my first day at work be like?
Your team leader or head of department will welcome you, take you on a tour of the premises, you will meet some of your colleagues, have your workstation explained, and receive a short project presentation; after that there will be a lunch break together with your team colleagues.

What qualification is required?
A degree in computer science (and/or MINT subjects) or other adequate education, good soft skills, team spirit, eagerness to learn new technologies, and an analytical mindset.

Are there any internships or student trainee schemes available?
Yes. Depending on the current projects, we are regularly in search of student trainees and/or interns to actively support the team. Speculative applications are always welcome, too.

Is there also a trainee program?
There is currently no trainee program offered, since we are quite confident that direct participation in a project is a more targeted way of entering your professional life. Your start will be optimally supported through continuous knowledge exchange with your team colleagues and the team leader.

Your profile does not match any of the job postings exactly?
Never mind. Simply send us your speculative application. We are going to check all the options and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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