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Power Week

Result-oriented digitalization consulting

What is the goal behind the goal? Many a company fails to resolve this – seemingly cryptic – question. The bitter consequence: 1,000 ideas – 0 innovations. But why is that so? Although a lot of companies focus on a concrete demand with respect to the IT and digitalization consulting; but not the needs behind it (anymore).
As a result, the digital potential remains unused.

If you are wondering what you can possibly do in addition to clever pricing policy and continuous product enhancement in the future to ensure competitiveness and success, we would say: Go searching for the innovation.


Digital vitality: We live and breathe innovation.

Do you want to prepare your company, your business model or your products for the digital tomorrow, or even reinvent yourself completely? In this case, digitalization consulting by ASTRUM IT is the best decision you can possibly make.
Being experts in digital vitality, we strive to discover your entire innovative potential. And to boost it. We are so self-confident in this matter because our team responsible for digitalization consulting par excellence has been active in the entire realm of business model innovation or digital process development long before the start of digital transformation.

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Customized digitalization consulting

Turning ideas into true innovations

We understand profound digitalization consulting as gold mining. Since there is a great wealth (of ideas) waiting to be discovered – also in your case, we are sure of that.
He who does not give up, will find this gold – together with us as your reliable sparring partner for digitalization consulting willing to go to the core of it all.

Together with you we will find your goal behind the goal, verbalize and recommend concrete action, and specify your topic: The idea for something digitally new. Extraordinary. Future-proof. The gold.


From the idea to the proof of concept

As soon as we have recognized the needs behind your demand and specified your leitmotiv, we have obtained a solid base for your proof of concept. And thus for a comprehensive (and comprehensible) idea of your digital future, which will bring about not only further innovations, but also ensure more dynamics of everything that will come next.
It is up to you to decide on a case-by-case basis, whether you want us to expand and scale your newly developed proof of concept, or wish us to assist you with advice. In our opinion, digitalization consulting is a dynamic process.
We are always there for you. Especially at times when you lose track of your leitmotivs.

In five days to a concrete road map



Your staff members and our colleagues get to know each other – welcome to the creative team



We work together to find the goal behind the goal and agree on the best way to solve the problem.



We collect knowledge and give it back in an unfiltered but structured form. Review: Are we still on track?



We innovate. Process models, systems, apps. Nothing is obligatory, but everything is possible.



The famous “sleep on it” principle: Does the idea still seem to be good enough after that? (Where) is further improvement required? This is when your reliable specification emerges – with facts, figures and data; and implementation plans into the bargain.

Three focal areas

White Paper zur Power Week

Um heutzutage auf immer dynamischer werdenden Märkten wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, muss man innovativ sein.

In unserem White Paper„VON DER IDEE ZUR DISRUPTION - Wie eine Power Week Innovationspotenziale hebt“, zeigen wir auf, was Innovationsmanagement vom Verbesserungsmanagement unterscheidet und warum es klare Innovationsstrategien und Regeln braucht.

Als Software-Experten für digitale Vitalität beraten wir in unserer Power Week Unternehmen in fünf Tagen rund um das Thema Digitalisierung und entdecken das gesamte innovative Potenzial.

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Power Week White Paper

To remain competitive in today's increasingly dynamic markets, you have to be innovative.

In our white paper „VON DER IDEE ZUR DISRUPTION - Wie eine Power Week Innovationspotenziale hebt“(DE), we show what distinguishes innovation management from improvement management and why clear innovation strategies and rules are needed.

As software experts for digital vitality, we advise companies in our Power Week in five days around the topic of digitization and discover the entire innovative potential.

Case Studies

Obtain digitalization consulting services from our experts right now. We are looking forward to solving your task.




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