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Daniel Tantinger
Digital vitality comes from inside

Always ahead of the times in development

Are you a fan of funky statement t-shirts? Then wear one on your first day of work! Be yourself. Follow your own path as part of ASTRUM. We’ll be backing you. You will also find that many of our statements are under the hood. We make software! 150 people – all of them specialists in their own areas – develop innovative software solutions. For influential international brands and thrilling research projects.  

If you feel right at home with clean code, test-driven programming, and pair programming, you will be sure to be happy with us. 

Cutting-edge working environment for you


Future-Proof Sector


Individual Working Schemes


Internal Exchange of Expertise


Interdisciplinary Teams of Experts


Development of your individual talent with the ASTRUM IT Academy

We take care of your continuous personal further development. To achieve this, we use the offers of our ASTRUM IT Academy: in-house programs for knowledge exchange, regular training sessions, and workshops on all things IT. We work with the latest tools and create digital vitality. For us and our customers. We remain at the forefront. This is our statement. And we are looking for new staff members who feel the same way. In return, we strive to take as much weight off our people’s backs as possible – by means of individual working hours models. And, hey: We are a genuine medium-sized Franconian company. Established 1992. And we are all on first-name terms. That’s right, even with the boss.


Let your work match your lifestyle

We offer all you need for that: an individual working hours model, working from home, and mobile working. We care for your well-being. You are free to use our health management and have individual coaching, benefit from our company pension scheme, and take part in common sports activities. Since well-being comes from within, we value open and respectful communication, regular personal feedback conversations, and anonymous staff surveys to constantly improve our working environment.

Our strong package for your professional future


Life-long learning at the ASTRUM IT Academy


Gestaltungsspielraum für deinen Karrieresprung


Work-life balance


Cutting-edge technical equipment


Flache Hierarchien


Friendly working atmosphere

Mitarbeiterevents und Sportgruppen

Mitarbeiterevents & Sportgruppen


Healthcare days


Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe


Betriebliche Altersvorsorge


Kostenlose Parkplätze und gute Verkehrsanbindung


Kostenlose Getränke

Externe Lernplattform

Externe Lernplattformen






Dart- und Kickerecke


Wir leben Diversität, denn bei uns stehst Du im Mittelpunkt. Und zwar so wie du bist. Wir haben eine offene und vielfältige Firmenkultur und setzen uns für ein wertschätzendes und vorurteilsfreies Arbeitsumfeld ein. Mit der Unterzeichnung der Charta der Vielfalt zeigen wir Flagge und leben das Thema Diversität in unserem Arbeitsalltag. Komm zu uns ins Team und mache ASTRUM bunter.


We are fond of celebrating and having fun together. Be it a dragon boat race, a summer party, or a snowboarding trip – or even for no cause at all.

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