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Multi-level workflows in visitor management

Increase security measures in the visit process with VISIT

With the VISIT brand, ASTRUM IT GmbH, founded in 1992, has been impressing its customers for years. The VISIT visitor management software is a scalable solution that gives you a 360° view of the factory site. The system offers a synthesis of digital visitor management, logistics management and a training tool!


From appointment coordination to registration and employee briefings, all processes can be combined with just one software. By integrating multi-level approval workflows directly into the visitor management process, sensitive areas and critical work processes in the company are now protected easily and efficiently.

VISIT - NEW MODULE VISIT Secure - Approval Workflow

The Erlangen software experts for digital vitality have extended their VISIT brand with the new module VISIT Secure - Approval Workflow. The registration process is simplified by automated workflows for employees, processed in a comprehensible manner and seamlessly documented at all times.

With VISIT Secure - Approval Workflow, the approval process is automatically integrated into the visitor registration. As soon as certain areas within the plant premises require special protection, measures must be taken to shield them from unwanted access.

As soon as an employee creates a pre-registration for a visitor and triggers a process that requires approval, predefined groups of people or the visited employees in the company receive a notification by e-mail. Only after approval by the employee(s) can the visit begin.

Approval workflows: efficient and simple

It is also efficient and simple. Time and effort are kept in check and the focus remains on the important things. Nevertheless, security measures are significantly increased. Why? The approval process builds additional (multi-level) security layers into the visit process, creating a higher level of protection for the plant site, sensitive areas and employees. At the same time, all necessary legal requirements such as DSGVO-compliant storage of personal data are taken into account within the process flow.

Plant areas that require special protection are just one use case of the approval workflows in visitor management. In addition, the topic of processes requiring approval is becoming increasingly present. What is the danger for a company here? As soon as there is a risk of fire during a work process, for example, special measures must be taken in companies according to the fire protection regulations. This means that plant security must monitor operations to prevent a fire incident.

So how can the management of external persons help to map these processes in a simple, secure and traceable documented manner and to inform all responsible employees accordingly? As soon as a pre-announcement of a certain visit type is started in the software, in which critical work processes are content, an approval workflow is started in the background. Predefined persons or a configurable group receive the visit process for review. The guest is first informed about the visit details by mail.

The guest will be informed about the visit details by mail only after all necessary permissions have been granted. If this has not been granted, the visit process cannot be started.

Via the VISIT dashboard, the responsible employees always have an overview of all authorization statuses and can view approvals that still need to be made.



With VISIT you efficiently manage the visit and logistic processes on your company and event premises. Fluid workflows from appointment coordination to registration to goodbye - management of non-operational people in real time. With just one dashboard. Modular and scalable at any time. With VISIT you have everything in view. VISIT is a product of ASTRUM IT, the software experts for Digital Vitality headquartered in Erlangen, Germany.  We are digital experts in various fields of IT consulting and software engineering as well as your contact for IT operations and hosting.

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