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More than just a promise

We demonstrably pay attention to the highest quality and safety. Our internationally recognized certificates enable you to integrate us into your management systems and business processes in a trouble-free, trustworthy and auditable manner. Make your customers' work easier with a secure and certified supply chain. We will be happy to send you our certificates. If you have any questions about integrating suppliers into your processes, please contact us.


We have been applying a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995.

Our scope includes IT consulting services, sales, development and support of software solutions.

In this way, we provide our customers with demonstrably flawlessly developed products and avoid extra costs.




ISO 9001


DIN EN ISO 13485

This certificate confirms us an applied quality management system as a supplier for medical device manufacturers since 2011. 

The scope of the certificate is: Production of customized software in the medical field.

As a certified supplier, our developments meet extremely high reliability and safety requirements. With strictly defined processes and infrastructures, clear responsibilities and traceable documentation, we create the required transparency for handling and dealing with product risks.

ISO 13485

DIN EN ISO 27001

We have been applying DIN EN ISO 27001 as the international standard for information security since 2022.

Scope 27001 covers consulting, products and services in the areas of IT outsourcing, hosted and in-house IT operations, network and data security, and software development.

The certification enables us to prove that we take into account all the requirements and security interests placed on us and that we process and store entrusted information securely. 

Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 27001