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Motion Analysis

Sensor-Based Gait Analysis

We work on various research projects together with partners from the medical, industrial, and scientific fields in order to make an essential contribution to the future of healthcare.


eGaIT - Automated, Sensor-Based Gait Analysis for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

Completed project. In cooperation with the department of Molecular Neurology at the university hospital of Erlangen (specialized outpatient clinic for movement disorders) and the Department of Pattern Recognition at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, we developed a mobile sensor-based complete system for automated motion analysis. The system is meant to support both the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and continued therapy monitoring of patients in their everyday environment.

The objective of the mobile sensor system was to provide therapists with objective sensor data that they can use as a basis for their diagnosis and therapy in order to enhance the treatment of patients at every stage of the disease.   


miLife – Sensorplattform für den Sport- und Gesundheitsbereich

Completed project. In our research project miLife, managed by the Department of Pattern Recognition, we developed a central wearable computing platform for the use in the areas of health and sports together with adidas AG.

Wearable sensors play an ever more important role in supporting athletes during their training routine, or to help elderly people or people with medical conditions to better manage their everyday lives. The objective and challenge of the research project miLife was to integrate different sensors into garments and to pool the signals from these sensors in a uniform platform for data recording and convenient evaluation.

This newly developed communication platform is characterized by flexible solutions for sensor integration, data analysis, and social networking. The system is also suitable for such applications as health monitoring and movement motivation as well as for team and individual sports. It is also worth mentioning that the mobile applications have been designed for people from different age and activity groups to sustainably improve their health condition and quality of life. 

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