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IT Networking of Healthcare Providers

IT Networking of Healthcare Providers

Completed project. Within the framework of the leading-edge cluster cooperation Medical Valley in the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg (Medical Valley Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg), we developed a communication platform for networking medical information systems in the registered coverage area together with MEDITALK.

The rapid growth of medical treatment centers and doctors’ networks reflects a great demand for cooperation among doctors from different practices in Germany. Disease patterns are getting more complex, and the ever-increasing sub-specialization of medical specialists makes this demand even more acute – cross-location collaboration among medical specialists is thus the care model of the future.

Mutual information exchange is a prerequisite for medical collaboration. The exchange of business management data ensures cross-location controlling. Shared insight into patient-related information makes optimum, integrated treatment of patients possible, thus enhancing the quality of medical care.

Together with MEDITALK, ASTRUM IT developed a platform that builds directly on these issues. The platform pools the data from different practice locations in one doctors’ cooperation. This data exchange takes place via MEDITALK independent of the manufacturer of the respective primary information systems. Along with this, processes have been developed that offer successive increase in data quality, thus transforming information into knowledge.

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