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ASTRUM IT extends visitor management system

COVID-19 has changed many things, including the visiting and reception behavior of companies. The question of who is where in the building, and when, is becoming more and more relevant. An efficient visitor management system can give a reliable answer to that. For many years the customers of ASTRUM IT GmbH, established in 1992, have enjoyed the benefits of the VISIT system.


Thermal measurements to fight the coronavirus

Now these Erlangen-based software experts for digital vitality have added another intelligent feature to the seasoned system: the self-registration process in VISIT is now integrated with thermal measurement. High-precision thermal cameras take the visitor’s temperature from a distance of up to 3 meters. If a certain threshold value is exceeded, a pre-defined contact may be informed and the corresponding measures taken (e. g. temperature taken using a forehead thermometer or similar). This schematic image illustrates the system structure including the new temperature measurement component.

After pre-registration performed by an employee, the visitor can check in independently on site using a kiosk system. The visitor will receive all relevant information and will be asked to consent to the temperature measurement, which is required under data protection law. If no irregularities are detected after consent, the registration process may continue as usual without delay. That process may involve, for example, the automatic issuing of a visitor badge and notification of the internal discussion partner.

Visitor management with thermal measurement

Schema Besuchermanagement mit Thermalmessung

Safety taken up another notch

Thermal measurement is a contemporary tool for the early detection of potential safety hazards built by the software developers at ASTRUM IT. It protects the company’s employees and thus also its productivity. Because the system covers all stages in the visitor management process regardless, it is a guarantee for quick, efficient workflows and satisfied visitors. VISIT not only helps to keep unauthorized persons off the premises. It also makes it possible to provide an analysis “at the push of a button”; for example, the number of external persons actually present on the premises can be displayed at a glance in an evacuation list. By analyzing visit frequencies, persons visited, and visit histories, any irregularities and suspicious patterns are quickly recognized. The system also logs the entire delivery traffic and the movement of contractor employees. Thus VISIT offers state-of-the-art technology to grant maximum protection and transparency in dealing with external persons.

This high performance is very convincing. Every year the numerous ASTRUM customers – including, among others, Bosch, Siemens, Zott, and Thyssen-Krupp – are handling 3.5 million visitor and 2.5 million delivery processes.


Top-level software development

For 28 years ASTRUM, with its 150 employees, has realized engineering and consulting projects for customers from industry, medical technology, and the public sector. Products like VISIT are the result from decades of on-site work at and with our partners and customers. ASTRUM Managing Director Gerhard Pölz: “We are looking for solutions to the following questions:

  • What’s the trouble?
  • How can we speed up processes?
  • How do we enhance IT safety and the safety of the company as a whole?”

Its broad spectrum gives ASTRUM a 360-degree view of its customers’ needs and their value creation processes. Products such as VISIT always consider the bigger picture. Mr. Pölz comments: “We are making sure that the software can unfold the full range of its powers, and we offer our customers an all-round service package to consult with them and assist them. VISIT is the result of digital vitality.”


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