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Software development: From sprint to marathon successfully to the finish line

Discover your digital potential

Software development is like sport:

Only those who know their starting parameters precisely, define individual goals and train effectively according to a plan will become truly efficient. If you want to make your company more resilient and therefore fitter for future challenges, you need vitality here too - digital vitality!

We at ASTRUM IT strengthen your company or expand your range of services by implementing individual or proprietary software solutions and a variety of specialised IT services.

Not to forget: We don't just speed up your business processes.

We also help you to open up new business areas or accompany you through this process.


Software Engineering | Software Products | IT Consulting

No longer perceive the digital transformation as an energy-sapping marathon. See every step of change as an opportunity to discover and powerfully realise your potential.

Train your digital vitality with us - from the basics to professional level. Whether projects, processes, products or the entire transformation process - it's all like high-performance sport.

Put your trust in us, our history and our successes.

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IT innovation: research, development and consulting is our daily business

From research to practice: Our direct line and our commitment to research constantly lead to new findings. We know that: Digital vitality starts with us.

That's why we train our employees at our in-house ASTRUM IT Academy. Whether it's technology skills, cyber security issues or regulatory knowledge:

We have the expertise, we have the team and we have the plan. Yours.

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Digital vitality comes from within. Every single one of our employees is constantly and systematically developing. To this end, we have set up the ASTRUM IT Academy and established training courses and knowledge exchange programmes. Our partners benefit from our digital vitality, our constantly updated knowledge of industries and their standards, programming and usability. We transfer digital vitality to individual companies and entire organisations. And we offer our partners something very central: the perfect, agile team of experts in every project phase.


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