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Visitor management in action

ASTRUM IT GmbH supports Bosch Chip factory in the area of visitor management

Bosch's chip factory in the heart of Silicon Saxony in Dresden is scheduled for completion before the end of this year, and series production will start at the semiconductor element manufacturing facility.


The new high-tech plant will be the first of its kind; a 5G-enabled digital building with dedicated equipment for the production of power and mixed-signal semiconductor devices. To meet growing demand in Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications, the new RB300 semiconductor plant will produce chips on 300 mm wafers (silicon wafers). Page Bosch will produce silicon chips at its new Dresden production facility at the end of January 2021. Sales of the first chips will begin in mid-2022. Bosch will create up to 700 new jobs in this key sector.

ASTRUM IT GmbH is pleased to be part of this major project as a partner of Bosch and to equip the company with its VISIT visitor management system.

VISIT offers the possibility to efficiently manage activities of non-operational persons and vehicles on the company or event premises, to overview and track them in real time at any time. This ensures the highest security standards within the company.

More information about VISIT is also available on the website.

Bosch_Dresden_Halbleiterwerk_VISIT_ASTRUMITSource/image material: Bosch Dresden.

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