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Intro Bestehendes Softwaresystem auf Docker-Infrastruktur bringen
System integration on Docker

Existing software system on Docker infrastructure

How we have increased the maintainability of a legacy system by simply - but cleverly - migrating to a container-based deployment.

Process Optimization

1. starting position

  • An existing IIS-based Windows application is to be transferred to a simplified and maintainable deployment using container technology.
  • Background: Traditional server applications require a large amount of manual configuration, semi-automatic scripting and interactive confirmation. Such processes are error-prone and difficult to scale and reproduce. Container technologies and development technologies such as CICD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) automate such processes and are easily scalable.
  • Challenge: The amount of work required to convert the above-mentioned processes can vary depending on various influencing factors (e.g. complexity, age, dependencies) or be difficult to estimate.

2. procedure/solution approach

  • Depending on the system to be adapted, a feasibility study may need to be carried out. If the implementation proves to be too complex, there is always an "early-out" option.
  • ...

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