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Usability Engineering

Simply better software

It is entirely up to the user whether a piece of software succeeds or fails. This is exactly what we are responsible for as a usability engineer: a software which is so user-friendly that those working with it enjoy it, and which supports them to the maximum. Then the user can permanently achieve more. Within a shorter period of time. With higher-quality results. A one-off effort – always a sound software solution.

UX design by ASTRUM IT

We follow the five principles of user-oriented design:

1. Digestibility

Good design makes it obvious at one glance what it is all about.

2. Clarity

Good design is honest.

3. Trust

Good design is trustworthy.

4. Familiarity

Innovative design is great – but the one the user is familiar with is even better.

5. Enthusiasm

A good idea is not enough – proper implementation is all that matters!


From concept to design

We draft user interfaces which function in an optimum way. Our methods have proven their worth over the years and are absolutely standard-compliant.

IEC 62366-1 and IEC/TR 62366-2

Application of usability engineering to medical devices

EN ISO 9241 - Series of standards

Ergonomics of Human System Interaction