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Chamber Administration Software

Reduce your administration efforts to a minimum

Membership-based organizations receive smart support. The KVS-IT software makes your daily work a lot easier: your communication with members and external addressees, your advocacy work, your organization of further training offers and events, and your administration of member data. It is intuitively operated and merges seamlessly with your IT and your Office programs.

KVS-IT makes your daily work easier


Modular Structure

Cover your requirements exactly. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Individual Design

Reflect your occupation-specific projects. Because physicians have other curricula than, let’s say, architects.


Intuitive Operation

The user interface is based on Microsoft Office. It simplifies familiarization with the application and the daily routine.


Absolute Security

Password protection as well as roles and rights assignment ensure task-specific access and security.

Exactly what you need. KVS-IT has a modular structure. You can simply add modules as needed; for instance, for the administration of apprentices and examinations, travel expense accounting, or file and follow-up management.

Instant Integration into Your IT Landscape
This chamber software is not an isolated solution – it seamlessly merges with your IT environment: The Microsoft Office products are integrated. In addition to this, there are bidirectional interfaces to financial accounting and the document management systems. Web services and portals ensure connection to the chamber’s web presence.

We can provide KVS-IT in the cloud on servers in Germany – this way, everything automatically complies with the German data protection requirements. And we can even host your IT completely or partially on our own system if that is what you want. 

Here’s an overview of some KVS-IT features for you

  • Storage of member characteristics and profiles
  • Administration of any number of addresses with activity allocation
  • Integration of activity keys of the respective central offices (ZTD, BTK, BZK, etc.)
  • Contribution calculation according to the present statutes
  • Contribution and fee settlement with forwarding to an (external) financial accounting service
  • Workplace/practice administration
  • Dunning (through feedback from financial accounting)
  • Extensive search functions according to different criteria across all available content
  • Online member portal
  • Interfaces (ZTD, publisher, health professional card (eHBA), etc.))
  • Statistics and evaluations
  • History function
  • Preparation of various documents (notifications, letters, etc.)
  • Creation of serial e-mails
  • Interfaces for archiving and document management system
  • Dashboard/management board
  • Relationship/partner administration